Ultimate French Fries

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Ultimate French Fries

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The ultimate French fry is fried in beef fat


1 Idaho Russet Potato
Beef Fat (Tallow)


  1. Choose an Idaho Russet potato. Russet Burbank variety if you can get them.
  2. Condition the potato by storing in a 70 degree environment for a couple of weeks (potatoes coming out of cold storage need time to convert sugars back to starch).
  3. Cut the potatoes into the desired fry size, similar to the fast food places you prefer.
  4. Soak the cut potato strips in room temperature water for at least 8 hours, overnight is good (this soaking plumps up the cells within the potatoes to result in an improved texture).
  5. Do not use ice water or refrigerate! The starch will convert back to sugars causing the finished fries to take on a darkened exterior color.
  6. Dry the potato strips and fry in 300 degree oil until just cooked inside and limp, fry time is dependent on the thickness of the fry strip.
  7. Bite a piece off and taste, if the raw potato taste is absent it’s done inside. Let cool.
  8. Bring oil to 375 degrees and fry until golden brown and crispy.
  9. Of course, fry in beef fat (tallow), properly twice fried fries will not soak up much fat. What’s the point of endeavoring to produce the very best french fry and then compromising the taste with a neutral tasting fry oil?
  10. Important, work in controlled sized batches that doesn’t drop the frying temperature significantly.
  11. Maintain the fry temp or the fries will absorb fat.

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