Tuna Poke Nachos


Tuna Poke Nachos

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This is an oceanic take on classic nachos that takes them to a whole new level.


Tortilla chips 

1 C Yellowfin Tuna – diced

11 Cucumber slices

11 Jalapeno slices

1 C Scallion root

1 C Cilantro

1/2 C Poke Sauce

1/2 C Lime crema

1/2 C Scallion greens

11/2 C Sesame tajin

1 Lime – juiced


  1. Add poke sauce to the tuna, mix until juicy
  2. Lay tuna mix over tortilla chips
  3. Drizzle extra poke sauce over the chips
  4. Add lime crema over tuna mix and chips
  5. Add cucumber slices and jalapenos
  6. Drizzle scallion roots
  7. Lay cilantro on top
  8. Add green scallions
  9. Lightly spritz sesame tajin to your liking
  10. Zest the lime on top

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