Truffle Quail


Chef Greg Moro is our featured Chef in the Great Taste Magazine September/October 2012 Issue so enjoy our selected cover recipe which is his Truffle Quail.

Truffle Quail

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2 T Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper – to taste

4 Boneless Manchester Farms quail
Vegetable oil – as needed
4 oz Brandy
1/3 C Demiglace
1/4 C Chicken stock

10 Chicken tenders
12 oz Heavy cream
3 oz Truffle oil
3 oz Truffle peelings
Salt and pepper – to taste

2 Purple cauliflower
3 C Cream
Cream – to adjust consistency

1 lb Fingerling potatoes – halved
Vegetable oil – as needed
Salt and pepper – to taste
8 Brussels sprouts – cleaned, halved and blanched


  1. QUAIL
  2. Trim quail by cutting off tips of legs and at the elbow of the wing, use trimmings for sauce and reserve the birds to be stuffed.
  3. Roast the quail trimmings in a very little oil.
  4. Add brandy off heat being very careful of flame because it can catch fire.
  5. Once trimmings are brown, simmer lightly until au sec (almost dry).
  6. Add demi-glace and chicken stock and reduce for 15 minutes.
  8. In a food processor pulse chicken tenders until ground, add a third of the cream to mixture and pulse.
  9. Remove mixture and place in a metal bowl set in an ice bath to keep chicken cold, fold in remainder of cream.
  10. Fold in truffle oil and peelings, season with salt and pepper.
  11. Cook off a small patty to check seasoning.
  12. The mixture should be of a mousse consistency. Place into plastic piping bag.
  13. Stuff the quail by placing bag tip into bird between legs and squeeze in stuffing until nice and full, reserve birds for roasting.
  15. Roughly chop cauliflower.
  16. Boil in cream until soft.
  17. Blend until smooth and use additional cream to adjust to desired thickness.
  19. Saute potatoes in a hot pan with very little vegetable oil until golden brown.
  20. Add salt and pepper and toss in Brussels sprout halves.
  21. QUAIL
  22. Heat oil in stainless steel saute pan until very hot.
  23. Lightly season birds and place breast side down in pan.
  24. Place in 400 degree oven and roast for approximately 7 minutes.
  25. Pull pan and turn birds, then cook for about another 7 – 9 minutes.
  26. Remove and let rest.
  27. Cut birds in half, then cut in half again and arrange on plate.

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