Traditional Paella Valenciana


Paella Valenciana

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Bring Spain to your home with Paella Valenciana.


4 oz Bell Pepper – medium diced

4 oz Bilbao Chorizo

4 oz Chicken Thigh – boneless, skinless

4 oz Scallop – medium diced

4pcs 16/20 Shrimp

2 C Bomba Rice – partially cooked

2 C Seafood Stock

1 oz Garlic – minced

1 oz Shallot – minced


  1. Add olive oil to a hot paella pan.
  2. Add chorizo and cook for a few minutes or until golden brown on all sides.
  3. Add bell peppers.
  4. Add garlic, shallot, and Iranian saffron and stir while cooking.
  5. Add the bomba rice and toast it in the pan.
  6. Add half a cup of Spanish white wine and let the alcohol cook out for about 2-3 minutes.
  7. Add the broth to a blender with a little bit of cooked rice and blend.
  8. Add the broth mixture to the paella pan and stir.
  9. Add pre-cooked chicken and let the paella cook.
  10. In a separate bowl, season the seafood with smoked paprika, black pepper, and salt.
  11. Add the scallops to the paella and let cook for about 3 minutes.
  12. Place shrimp spaced out in the paella pan.
  13. Keep stirring the pan to avoid burning the bottom.
  14. Once the liquid is reduced down and the edges are crispy, take the pan off the heat and drizzle olive oil over the top.
  15. Top with scallions, and smoked paprika.
  16. Serve.

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