Somos Uno Barrel-Aged Cocktail


Somos Uno Barrel-Aged Cocktail is aged for 30 days and then served over ice

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Somos Uno Barrel-Aged Cocktail


1 oz Viejo Tonel Pisco Italia
1 ¼ oz Mestizo Mezcal Silver
¾ oz Tenuta Tamburnin Vermouth
1 Bar Spoon Fernet Vallet Mexican Liquor


  1. Add all ingredients into a Mixing Glass
  2. With a Bar Spoon, stir for about 30 seconds
  3. Place the mixed cocktail into a Whiskey Barrel (Leave cocktail in the barrel for 30 days)
  4. Pour the cocktail from the Barrel into a small bottle
  5. Wrap the Bottle or cap the bottle for presentation as desired
  6. In our case, we wrap the bottle and place a small hat on top of the bottle
  7. Grab a bucket glass and place a hand carved Ice Cube
  8. Grab the Barrel Aged cocktail and pour over ice
  9. Cheers!

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