Smoked Hibiscus Aviation Cocktail

Contributed by: Viceroy – Santa Monica

FromViceroy Hotel GroupProperties –Courtesy of Gary Cahill, Cameo bar at Viceroy Santa Monica

This cocktail takes inspiration from the well-known phrase”April Showers bring May Flowers.

Incorporate either a “stormy” (float of rum) or floral element (star anise, hibiscus, elderflower liqueur) in their recipes, perfect for that unpredictable springweather.

Smoked Hibiscus Aviation Cocktail

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1 1/2​ oz. gin​
1/2​ oz. maraschino liqueur
1/2 ​oz. Crème de Violette (a liqueur with natural violet flower flavoring & coloring)
​1/2 ​oz. l​emon j​uice
Hibiscus smoke


  1. Pour Gin, Maraschino liqueur, Crème de Violette & lemon juice into mixing glass and stir over ice.
  2. Put hibiscus tea leaves into a handheld smoker machine and ignite to create the hibiscus smoke.
  3. Filter the smoke into a glass bottle and seal.
  4. Strain the cocktail into this glass bottle filled with smoke and shake. ​
  5. Garnish with lemon twist.

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