Pulpo Quemado


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Pulpo Quemado

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4 oz Octopus tentacles
1 oz Ripe platano macho (Sweet plantain)
1 T Chorizo verde sauce (Poblano, Spinach, Jalapeno, Vinegar, Cumin, Garlic, Oil)
1 t Tomatillo jelly salsa
1/4 oz Chille de arbol aioli (Chile de arbol, Mayo, Garlic, Oregano)
Roasted peanuts


  1. 1. In a sealed plastic bag with sea salt water, sous vide the octopus for 12 hours.
  2. 2. Roast the plantain, blend and strain to make a puree.
  3. 3. Saute the octopus and place over the chorizo sauce.
  4. 4. Garnish with the chile de arbol aioli, tomatillo jelly salsa and peanuts.
  5. 5. Enjoy!

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