Pickled Salmon With Purple Onion Salmon Cream

Contributed by: Chef Micah Wexler

Pickled Salmon With Purple Onion Salmon Cream

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Pickled Salmon
1 Salmon Filet, skin off
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 C Kosher Salt

Salmon Pickling Liquid
2 C Water
2 C White Wine Vinegar
1/2 C Sugar (white)
1/2 C Kosher Salt
2 Onions – sliced

Purple Onion
1 White Onion
2 Roasted Red Beets
1 C Salmon Pickling Liquid

Salmon Cream
1/4 C Creme Fraiche
1/4 C Cream Cheese


  1. Pickled Salmon
  2. Clean salmon of any grey meat or blood line.
  3. Mix together brown sugar and 1/2 cup salt.
  4. Place a layer of the salt/sugar mix on a sheet of plastic wrap. Place the salmon on top and then cover with the remaining salt/sugar mix and wrap up in the plastic. Place in the refrigerator for 1 1/2 hours.
  5. Salmon Pickling Liquid
  6. In a pot, bring the water, vinegar, white sugar, 1/2 cup salt, and onions to a boil. Then cool.
  7. Remove salmon from the cure and wash off all salt/sugar.
  8. Place the salmon in the cooled pickling liquid overnight.
  9. Purple Onion
  10. Slice onions as thin as possible.
  11. Grate the beets and mix with the onions.
  12. Bring the pickling liquid to a boil and pour over the onion/beet mixture.
  13. Allow to steep in the liquid until cool and the onions have been stained purple.
  14. Salmon Cream
  15. Allow the cream cheese to soften to room temperature.
  16. Blend cream cheese and creme fraiche together.
  17. Serving
  18. Plate pickled salmon with marinated fingerling potatoes, beets, onions, salmon cream, rye puree (optional), smoked salmon roe and dill as shown. Serve with rye bread.

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