Péyi Martinik

Contributed by: Bartender Marco Pastanella

Péyi Martinik

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A unique combination of bright umami flavors perfectly embodied the island of Martinique, whose title translates to “the country of Martinique” in Creole.


2 oz       Plantain infused Clement Premiere Canne
1/2 oz   Lime juice
1/4        Spiced passion fruit syrup
1            Seaweed ocean mist – 5 spray
   Wooden coaster – garnish
Banana leaf – garnish


  1. Add ice into the shaker and mix the ingredients using a throwing technique.
  2. Pour the drink into a small rock glass.
  3. Place the drink on the wooden coaster with the banana leaf.
  4. Spray the ocean mist on top of the drink and in the air.

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