Manhattan Sunset

Contributed by: Author Mark Addison

Manhattan Sunset

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The Manhattan Sunset borrows its base ingredient, rye whiskey from the classic Manhattan cocktail.



12-oz double old fashion

bar tools

Mixing glass


Bar spoon

King cube ice tray


Orange peel

Maraschino cherry



2 oz Rye whiskey

1/2 oz Triple sec

3 dashes Orange bitters

1 Orange slice

1/2 oz Campari


  1. Add whiskey, triple sec, bitters and orange slice in a mixing glass and muddle to express orange juices.
  2. Add ice and stir until well chilled.
  3. Strain contents over a king cube in the cocktail glass and garnish with an orange peel and cherry.
  4. Prior to serving, drizzle the Campari over the king cube to give the cocktail a sunset-like effect.

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