Feijoada Brazilian Black Bean Stew


Feijoada Brazilian Black Bean Stew

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1.5 lb Dried beef
1 lb Smoked pork ribs
0.5 lb Pork sausage
0.5 lb Smoked ham
0.5 lb Smoked bacon
5 lb Black beans
2 lb Yellow onions
6 oz Chopped garlic
6 Bay leaves
Black pepper


  1. Cut dried beef into 1 x 1 1/2 inches.
  2. Put into cold water to remove excess salt from dried beef.
  3. Pot 1: Boil the water with meats for 30 minutes.
  4. Pot 2: Boil black beans with bay leaves and small amount of rosemary.
  5. Pan : Sautee garlic and onions.
  6. When black beans are 75% cooked, add all the meats and garlic, onions, salt, pepper.
  7. Cook until thickened.

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