Disco Punch Bowl


Disco Punch Bowl

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The bustling restaurant serves up a large format Disco Punch, which serves 6 to 12 people and features Mount Gay Rum, Bigallet China-China Liqueur, Suze Liqueur, Falernum, and lime juice that’s topped with Prosecco.


10 OZ    Mt. Gay Eclipse rum

10 OZ    Bigallet China (China liqueur)

5 OZ      Suze liqueur

5 OZ      Falernum syrup

10 OZ    Lime juice

15 OZ    Pineapple juice

5 OZ      1:1 Simple syrup

1 Bottle Prosecco


  1. Combine first 7 ingredients in punch bowl.
  2. Give it a good stir, then top with a full bottle of Prosecco.

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