Cookies & Cream Marshmallow


Cookies & Cream Marshmallow

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A cocoa and vanilla marshmallow


3 T powder gelatin
3 C sugar
1 C Corn syrup
1 tsp salt
1 T vanilla extract
½ cup ground cocoa nibs


  1. Bloom gelatin in 2 cups of water
  2. Bring sugar, corn syrup to a boil, 238f, using a candy thermometer
  3. Combine sugar mixture and bloomed gelatin in a mixer with a whisk attachment
  4. Whisk for about 15-20 minutes, add the ground cocoa nibs
  5. Spray a sheet with vegetable oil, set the marshmallow for about an hour
  6. Cut into small pieces and dust with powder sugar
  7. Ready to serve (and much tastier than chocolate bunny ears).

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