Cheeseburger Croquettes


Cheeseburger Croquettes

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These bite-size fried snacks are packed with flavor inside and out. Made with wagyu, aji Amarillo and bacon, they are sure to be fan favorites at the next watch party.


Cheeseburger Croquette Mix:

1 lb           Wagyu beef – ground
1/5 qt       Bacon Vinaigrette
1/5 qt       Huancaina
1/5 qt       Swiss Cheese
7 g            Salt
700 g        Potato Puree

Bacon Vinaigrette:
Yield: 1/2 qt
383 g        Bacon
3 g            Salt
24 g          Sugar
150 g        Chili Vinaigrette

Yield: 1/2 qt
75 g          Shallot
28 g          Garlic
9 g            Salt
79 g          Sake
53 g          Aji Amarillo
560 g        Heavy Cream
47 g          Parmesan Cheese

Potato Puree:
513 g        Yukon
43 g          Lard
99 g          Heavy Cream
27 g          Confit Garlic
10 g          Butter
8 g            Salt


  1. Cheeseburger Croquette Mix:
  2. In a large rondeau, sear ground beef over high heat, breaking it up as it cooks.
  3. Add salt, bacon vinaigrette, and Huancaina.
  4. Cook for 20 minutes stirring frequently.
  5. Add swiss cheese.
  6. Remove from pan and mix with potato puree.
  7. Bacon Vinaigrette:
  8. Slice bacon into 1/4 inch batons.
  9. Place in cold rondeau and cook over low heat until fully rendered.
  10. Add sugar and salt.
  11. Stir for 1 minute.
  12. Add chili vinaigrette.
  13. Reduce by 50 percent.
  14. Let cool.
  15. Huancaina:
  16. Rough chop shallot and garlic.
  17. Saute over medium heat in large rondeau.
  18. Once medium roasted, add aji amarillo and salt.
  19. Cook for five minutes stirring frequently.
  20. Add sake.
  21. Let reduce by 75 percent.
  22. Add heavy cream.
  23. Let reduce until bubbles are heavy.
  24. Add parmesan.
  25. Blend immediately.
  26. Potato Puree:
  27. Bring potatoes to boil.
  28. Cook until tender and rice with a food mill.
  29. Weigh potatoes once riced and leave aside.
  30. Bring rest of ingredients to a boil and blend.
  31. Combine all ingredients together.
  32. Croquette:
  33. Set up a breading station to include 3 small pans of each: flour, egg wash (crack eggs and whisk to form egg wash), and panko breadcrumbs.
  34. After the cheeseburger croquette mix has completely cooled down, scoop about 3 tablespoons (or a small ice cream scoop) and roll into a ball with hands.
  35. Dip balls into flour, shake excess, and then dip into egg wash.
  36. Removed from egg wash and dip into panko breadcrumbs.
  37. When all scoops are evenly coated, fry until golden brown.
  38. Enjoy!

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