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The Healthy Jewish Kitchen


From Kosher classics to gourmet international dishes, this is Jewish soul food . . . finally made healthy!

Too often, Jewish cookbooks still feature many recipes that lack whole grains and include too much salt, fat, sugar, and processed foods. But Paula Shoyer’s delicious take on Jewish cooking is different: she uses only natural ingredients and offers a fresh, nutrient-dense spin on every dish. Here you’ll find very little frying, and no margarine, frozen puff pastry, soup stocks and powders, and most jarred sauces.


Paula Shoyer is out to save traditional recipes. Too often, Jewish recipes have too much salt, fat, sugar, and processed foods and lack whole grains and fresh ingredients. But now Paula Shoyer, THE kosher food expert and best-selling author is showing home cooks how to eat fresh and healthy meals any day of the week. Her fourth and latest cookbook: The Healthy Jewish Kitchen: Fresh Contemporary Recipes for Every Occasion provides delicious, contemporary spins on old favorites. Her recipes utilize fresh and seasonal ingredients, are low in fats and sugars and include many gluten-free and vegan dishes.


“This is a cookbook about wellness.  I developed these recipes while caring for my 91-year-old diabetic father,” Shoyer explains.  “My goal was to create meals that use only natural ingredients and be gluten-free where possible.  This cookbook is a way for home cooks to start eating better.  Good nutrition is about balance and finding a way to introduce more healthful food into an everyday diet as often as possible. I am simply offering you a subtle shift towards better health without giving up your favorite foods.”


More than 80 recipes include Jewish classics updated (Mango Coleslaw, Sourdough Challah, Tzimmes Puree, Potato and Scallion Latkes, Schnitzel with Nut Crust) as well as American and international dishes that extend beyond the Jewish culinary world (Vietnamese Noodle Soup and Indian BBQ Chicken). Paula takes traditional comfort food that you love and reimagines it more modern and lighter. You don’t have to be Jewish to love Paula’s recipes.


“Variety is the key to a delicious, nutritious meal and the best way to persuade family members to start eating better. When I plan a meal for my family, I make sure every dinner plate has colors and textures and I offer both raw and cooked vegetables options.”

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