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Restaurant Marketing Bible (The)


Running a restaurant was never easy and it’s not getting any easier. Changing demographics, tastes, social media, online reviews, delivery services and massive increase in competition at every level are just a few of the challenges. Effective marketing is more important than ever to keep a steady flow of traffic coming through your doors. What this book will show you is how to make every single email, social post or ad more effective in generating business for you! For less than the cost of a dinner tab you can dramatically improve your restaurant’s marketing performance in so many different ways you’ll wonder where all the money has been hiding.

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Your Service Sucks!

Or maybe it’s great?

But how should you deal with those negative reviews?

Five Steps to Dealing with Negative Reviews

1. Check your reviews daily. You do not want negative reviews to go unanswered.

2. Take action at once on negative reviews. The worst thing you can do with a negative review is ignore it. Some review sites like Yelp allow you to start by sending the reviewer a private message.

3. Don’t argue with the customer; instead, acknowledge their issue. “I understand you were upset about the slow service on Thursday night.”

4. Explain your side of the story: “Unfortunately service was slow on the day of your visit. We had three servers out that day without notice, which is highly unusual.”

5. Apologize if appropriate and offer to put right or make up the best you can. “I can only apologize and offer to make it right on your next visit.”

Read more about how you can deal with negative reviews in the Restaurant Marketing Bible.

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