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  • Works with cups, cans, bottles and short-stem wine glasses
  • Less abandoned drinks = less drinks down the drain = less money wasted
  • Keeps drinks off furniture, preventing unsightly water rings
  • Reduces the need for tables and chairs
  • Made of sugarcane = 100% tree-free & plastic-free


OC-based Nancy Kerr of Eco-Eats Partyware. Nancy was a stay at home mom some 7-8 years ago who saw the need for a great party plate that could also hold a cup, so that guests would have one hand free to shake a hand, take a photo, share a business card, the possibilities are endless.

She found it awkward to go to parties and events where you have food and drinks, but both hands are taken. She also only wanted something that was biodegradable and eco-friendly so she created Plate-A-Cup that’s made from sugarcane.

They are great for food festivals, events, and tailgate parties.

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