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FireDisc Cooker


FIREDISC® Cookers products are currently sold nationally via online and through national retailers. Heavy-duty carbon steel construction renders the cookers indestructible, while meticulous designs yield convenient portability and ease of use. For more information, visit http://www.firedisccookers.com.


FireDisc actually has a handful of chefs that are part of their pro ambassador team and they use the cooker all the time for events and catering for large groups. FireDisc Cookers have been ruthlessly vetted by some of the world’s leading chefs via the Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved quality assurance protocol. They’ve also started Fired Up Friday’s where they go live on Facebook with a new chef each week to share new recipes and cooking tips to try on the FireDisc.

One of the biggest reasons that chefs and foodies love the FireDisc is its versatility. These cookers can bake, broil, blacken, deep fry, boil, grill, scramble, saute, sear and steam. It can accommodate just about any recipe in any environment. From cook-offs to backyard barbecues, FireDisc’s 22-inch cooking surface and three temperature zones will fire up fast, season like a cast-iron skillet, and perform at the highest level.

For more information about FIREDISC® Cookers and its line of outdoor grills and accessories, visit www.firedisccookers.com, or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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