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Allergen Awareness: A Chef’s Perspective




South Point Hotel Assistant Executive Chef and Food Safety Manager Keith Norman has released his first-ever book, “Allergen Awareness: A Chef’s Perspective.” With more than 15 million people suffering from food allergies, the book serves as a tell-all guide for proper food safety measures for both industry professionals and those who suffer from food allergies. Published by Chef Keith and Eurick Design, “Allergen Awareness: A Chef’s Perspective” is available now on Amazon for $31.83.

“I have been in the hospitality and service industry for more than 20 years and have seen so many people impacted by the growing epidemic of allergies,” said Chef Keith. “ I have trained thousands of industry professionals on proper methods to work with food allergies and create a safe environment for guests and employees, and I hope that somewhere in my book- on one of my pages, you have found something that inspires you to join me on this journey as we embrace and advocate for our food allergic guests. Together, we can change the conversation.”

The book is written to educate two important audiences, industry executives, as well as people with food allergies. Readers will walk away with knowledge surrounding the fears of people with food allergies and how to create an allergy training culture, environment and attitude. In addition, the book includes inserts by some of the most influential members of the culinary industry such as Certified Master Chef, Gustav Mauler and President and CEO of the Nevada Restaurant Association, Katherine Jacobi. There are also inserts from South Point Hotel Owner, Michael Gaughan, South Point Hotel Director of Food Operations, Michael Kennedy, South Point Hotel General Manager, Ryan Growney, and South Point Executive Chef, Chris Johns.

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