Tavo’s Cocina – Irvine – October 2020


Tavo’s Cocina is now open at the Trade Food Hall in Irvine and is offering rich delights of Mexicana cuisine. The all-new restaurant from SoCal-based Chef Gustavo Aranda is focused on celebrating the art of Mexicana cooking by examining traditional cuisine with a fresh lens. Conceptualized with the ambiance of TRADE’s indoor/outdoor communal space in mind, Tavo’s Cocina aims to make every diner feel welcome while sharing new, vibrant flavors along the way.

Signature dishes include Tavo’s Asada, served on a homemade tortilla, topped with pickled cactus, queso fresco, and spicy red salsa, and decadent La Govenador Tacos with shrimp, chipotle sauce, melted cheese, and fresh pico. In addition to the cultural classics familiar to SoCal diners, Tavo’s offers vegan, vegetarian, and keto-friendly options, including lettuce-wrapped burritos and a keto Al Pastor Taco. To deliver a sip of freshness and to be enjoyed alongside the savory plates, Mexicana beverages include freshly-made Agua Frescas with flavors like Jamaica, Tamarindo, Watermelon Fresca, and Cucumber Limonada.

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