R.T.E – Stanton – September 2020 – Just Opened



R.T.E. is the place to get your fresh grilled skewers. They are happy to announce they are officially open. A grand opening is scheduled for October 17th and 18th.  They are located in the new Rodeo 39 Public Market.

R.T.E is the ultimate casual hangout spot, bringing you the best of “BBQ-on-a-Stick” that packs finger-licking bold flavors from around the world.

R.T.E is passionate about skewers and takes great pride in preparing food that uses fresh, simple, and local ingredients. The menu features a wide range of grilled-to-order skewers such as bacon-wrapped scallops, chimichurri ribeye, and various sides such as truffle tater tots and garlic yucca fries.

Check their Instagram or Facebook for updates.

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published 5/20/20

updated 10/6/20

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