Mealtop – Buena Park – June 2019 – Just Opened


The luxury brand of Korean bingsoo has expanded to Orange County and Los Angeles! Mealtop will officially open its doors at The Source OC on June 8th, 2019.

Mealtop will open their doors at The Source OC in Buena Park at 10AM. The first 50 people in line for the Grand Opening will receive a FREE Shaved Ice! Visitors can also score branded mugs, shirts and hats while supplies last. Mealtop is also bringing their traditional shaved ice and desserts to Koreatown, and will be hosting a Grand Opening event at that new location later in June.

The menu at Mealtop features a multitude of authentic bingsoo (shaved ice). All of Mealtop’s Bingsoo variations include four classic ingredients: soft shaved ice, braised red beans, chewy rice cakes and sweet condensed milk. The cast-iron braised sweet-but-savory red beans are the most important aspect, while the other three play equal parts in the taste of Korean tradition. All of the flavors come together in harmony and every ingredient is either made in-house using traditional techniques or locally sourced. In addition to traditional shaved ice, Mealtop also offers other items such as lattes from South Korea (Bibibig Latte, Orange Latte and Babamba Latte), and desserts such as Ang Butter Bread and more.

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