Marugame Udon – Costa Mesa – August 2019 – Just Opened


Marugame Udon is pleased to announce the opening of their South Coast Plaza location! The world’s largest udon restaurant, Marugame Udon, is now open at South Coast Plaza. With over 1,000 locations worldwide, Marugame Udon specializes in fresh, made-to-order Sanui style Udon noodles, using only premium ingredients imported directly from Japan.

Marugame Udon, Japan’s premier udon restaurant company, opened Saturday, August 3, 2019, at South Coast Plaza, an Orange County exclusive.

The unique Marugame experience provides authentic made-to-order udon with noodles that are freshly kneaded, boiled and cooked in an open, exhibition kitchen. Guests approach a counter to make their selections of broth and proteins to top hot or cold udon. Next, an extensive variety of tempura and rice balls (musubi) are offered. Finally, diners are directed to a diverse array of complimentary toppings to customize the udon. The well-priced menu and quick service approach create an energetic, engaging experience.

Marugame Udon specializes in Japanese authentic Sanuki udon. Sanuki is a region of the Kagawa prefecture renowned for its udon’s taste and texture. Each Marugame is equipped with an original, Japanese-imported machine that mimics traditional methods to efficiently knead the flour daily. The recipe is created with special flour imported from Japan which contributes to the springiness of the noodles. The delicate broth, made from Japanese-imported kelp and dried fish, is freshly prepared every day in small batches.

The new restaurant seats 75 within 2,600-square-feet and is located on level 1 of the Din Tai Fung wing.  It will open at 11 AM daily and serve continuously all day.

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