Gunwhale Ales – Orange – September 2019 – Just Opened


Like the ocean collides with the shore, Gunwhale holds the line between the European farmhouse tradition and the bold, West Coast styles that California made famous. They call these “Coastal Ales”, evoking the untamed coastline and the expansiveness of the ocean to replace the rolling hills and plains of the inland farms. The same isolation and rugged terrain that inspired the farmhouse style is found on the open ocean, and against the rugged coastline of California.

Gunwhale Ales push hops, yeast, and unexpected malt bills toward new territory that captures the spirit of the region. As shown in it’s history, California remains a place of cultural and culinary diversity, and the beer they make will reflect a balanced influence of local flavor. Their beer will be both delicate and robust — layered flavors, slightly unpredictable yeast strains, wild bacteria, and hybrid styles that evoke a native, adventurous spirit. But they will all be produced with a technical edge that elicits praise for their quality, mouthfeel, and aromatics that draw in the discerning beer drinker. They will often sound familiar, but they will surprise and challenge expectations.

The new Orange location is now open in addition to the Costa Mesa location.

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