Splendors of Italy-Old Vine Cafe-March 2012

    June 30, 2011 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
    Old Vine Cafe

    During this special program, you’ll live Italy, not as a tourist, but as an Italian, as you travel and dine with food and wine connoisseurs from the real Italy: Magna Grecia, Calabria and Sicily, the places that existed a
    thousand years before Rome.
    Calabria, the birthplace of wine in mainland Europe, with its breathtaking pristine seas, and Sicily, the land of colors, will show you an Italy that visitors rarely see, and once seen, never forgotten.
    Created for the most discerning Epicureans, Splendors of South Italy is the most impressive leisure tour available in Italy and is the only that is presented and hosted by Chef Mark McDonald and The Italian Culinary
    Institute (ICI). Our excursion has been planned by people who love fabulous wine and dining, culture and fun as much as you do.
    Join us for a colorful gastronomic and cultural journey through the old country where so many wonder about but so few venture.

    *Price: $3500.00 per person (double occupancy) $3900.00 per person (single occupancy)

    For More Information Contact: Mark McDonald

    2937 Bristol St. A-102

    Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

    [email protected]

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