Lemon Drop – Anaheim – September 2014

August 1, 2014 @ 8:05 pm – September 1, 2014 @ 9:05 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Lemon Drop - Anaheim
440 South Harbor Boulevard
Santa Ana, CA 92704
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Chef Jenny Ross Opens Lemon Drop Fresh Pressed Juicery and Farm Shoppe

Chef Jenny Ross, known for empowering, enriching and nourishing the Orange County community, has recently openedLemon Drop Fresh Pressed Juicery and Farm Shoppe at the Anaheim Packing House (440 S. Anaheim Boulevard).Lemon Drop presentsfresh pressed juices and organic living cuisine that is local, non-GMO, vegan and raw. As its name would suggest, Lemon Dropâ„¢s featured juices include four Lemonade varieties, including its signature Lemon Drop with Coconut and Lemon, Pink Lemonade with Strawberries, Green Apple and Lemon, Green Lemonade with Green Apple, Spinach and Lemon, and a market selection featuring seasonal juices. The new juicery also features single juice offerings, doubles with two-juice combinations, and Lemon Drop Blends, which feature three or more juices.

Following is the menu of Lemon Drop Blends and Smoothies:

Lemon Drop Blends
Doreenâ„¢s Greens Apple, Kale, Spirulina
Easy Greens Coconut, Lemon, Kale, Cucumber
Skinny Sasquatch Pineapple, Spinach, Kale, Ginger
Sunshine C Triple Citrus, Ginger, Tumeric
Veggiepalooza Carrot, Beet, Celery, Parsley
Market Selection Seasonally Fresh Juice

Chai Matcha Almond Milk, Banana, Chai Spices & Matcha Green Tea
Choco Maca Chocolate, Maca, Mint, Banana & Almond Milk
Daily Dose Pineapple, Coconut, Banana & Spinach
Happy Hempster Hemp, Berries, Banana & Goji Berries
Gorilla Greers Mint, Daily Greens, Banana, OJIO, Protein & Chocolate
PB+J Peanut Butter, Banana, Almond Milk & Berry Puree
Tropical Tango Avocado, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut & Hemp Seeds
Kids Banana Berry Banana & Berries

Over the past eight years, I have connected with the Orange County community as a result of my passion for spreading a lifestyle revolving around fresh, organic living cuisine that is so fulfilling and rewarding, commented Chef Jenny, whosehas built a strong clientele and reputation with original recipes and a pioneering spirit that has led to a full Jenny Ross Living Foods menu of raw delights. With this new concept, I look forward to continuing my mission to empower the community for years to come.

Lemon Drop also offers Fresh Young Coconut, various Kombucha options, and a menu of fresh salads including a California Chop, Hearty Quinoa Salad, Sweet Strawberry and Kale, and Mizuna Grapefruit, as well as a seasonal salad.In addition, Chef Jenny Rossshowcases a variety of hereco-delicious living cuisine that has earned her numerous accolades and awards within the raw foods industry.

Lemon Drop Fresh Pressed Juicery and Farm Shoppe is open daily at the Anaheim Packing District ( 440 S. Anaheim Boulevard in Anaheim).To learn more about Lemon Drop, visithttps://www.facebook.com/lemondropjuice.

Jenny Ross Living Foods began as a passionate endeavor nearly a decade ago, as Chef Jenny Ross, former model, began delicately preparing raw foods in her own kitchen and immediately resonated with the healing power and vitality she found in her own life. Chef Jennyâ„¢s first restaurant, Taste of the Goddess,was openedat the beginning of the raw food rush in Los Angeles, and after serving up several of Hollywoodâ„¢s celebrity clientele she felt like it was time to bring the show down to her hometown in Orange County. Chef Jennyâ„¢s contributions within the raw foods industry have brought her numerous accolades and awards, voted best raw food by several groups.

Her concepts, 118 Degrees and Lemon Drop Fresh Pressed Juicery and Farm Shoppe, are the fulfillment of the idea to create a destination spot for organic living cuisine that empowerand educate the community with fresh food and beverages presented in an artful context, to be enjoyed with family and friends. Her goal was, and continues to be, to usher in the future of food and preventative health by offering a diversemenu full of nutrient-rich selections that are pleasing to the body and the mind.

On the heels of her first book, The Art of Raw Living Food,†which she co-authored with Doreen Virtue, MA, PhD, in June 2011, Chef Jenny Ross released a solo project, Raw Basics, with international publisher Hay House. This cookbook gained much recognition for focusing on the very basics of raw foods and serving as inspiration to even the most novice cook. Most recently, Chef Jenny released her third book with Hay House is “Healing with Raw Living Food.

To learn more about Lemon Drop Fresh Pressed Juicery and Farm Shoppe, visithttps://www.facebook.com/lemondropjuice.

Information about Chef Jenny Ross can be found athttp://www.jennyrosslivingfoods.com.

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