La Grande Sfogliata, a global virtual event to celebrate Eataly’s USA Birthday

Eataly To Go Bag
August 31, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Virtual Event

What: 10 years ago, Oscar Farinetti brought Eataly to the United States, on August 31 he opened Eataly NYC Flatiron, what is today the flagship store in the U.S. The original idea was simple: to gather under one roof high-quality food at sustainable and reasonable prices for ALL, celebrate Italian biodiversity, and create an informal, natural, and simple place to eat, shop, and learn. After years of research and hard work, the first Eataly opened its doors in Torino in 2007, when an old vermouth factory was transformed into Eataly Torino Lingotto – the very first multifunctional marketplace dedicated to Italian excellence in the world. Eataly has now opened in over 40 cities around the world.

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Eataly in the U.S., our stores have united across the world to celebrate on an international scale and virtually create the longest sfoglia (pasta sheet) in the world. Starting at 12 p.m. EST on Monday, August 31, the pastai (pasta makers) from our U.S. stores are pairing up with our pastai from Eataly locations worldwide on Instagram Live to roll sheet after sheet of fresh pasta as we celebrate this most quintessential Italian tradition. They will roll their pasta dough together, sharing their particular stories, methods, recipes, and tips as our pastai highlight 10 years of Eataly pasta making.

Pronounced “sfoh-lee-ah,” this word derives from the Italian term for “to leaf through,” in reference to the sheet-like appearance of perfectly rolled pasta dough. The term is typically used to describe the fresh egg pasta famous in Emilia-Romagna. Traditionally rolled by hand with a long wooden rolling pin, the reputation of a skilled pastaio (pasta maker) is often determined by their consistent, even-handed sheets of dough rolled to perfect thinness. In fact, pasta making wisdom states that you should be able to read a newspaper through the dough when held up to the light.

After our pastai knead, roll, and shape their pasta sheets, they’ll cut the dough into long, golden strands of tagliatelle to make tagliatelle alla bolognese. The remaining fresh pasta will be given to our employees to cook at home in order to continue the celebration. Viewers of the celebration will be invited to join the Eataly global celebration by making their own sfoglia together at home. Pick up a bag of organic, stone-ground flour and farm fresh eggs at your local Eataly, pull up our recipe for fresh pasta dough and your favorite pasta machine or rolling pin, and then mark your calendars to knead, roll, and shape alongside the Eataly chefs. Now on Instacart, customers can purchase homemade sauces, fresh pasta and more to cook like an Italian at home. Join us in making your own sfoglia alongside our pastai – check out the schedule below to tune in!

The Instagram Live schedule will be the following:

  • Eataly NYC Flatiron with Eataly Torino
  • Eataly NYC Downtown with Eataly Milano
  • Eataly Chicago with Eataly Dubai
  • Eataly Boston with Eataly Stockholm
  • Eataly Los Angeles with Eataly Istanbul

Share your own sfoglia, and tune in to celebrate ten years of pasta magic at Eataly.


When: August 31st, 2020 at 9 a.m. PST/11 a.m. CT/12 p.m. EST

Where: Instagram Live

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