Winemaker Justin Baldwin

    Winemaker Justin Baldwin
Justin Baldwin

Justin Baldwin began his career in the wine industry in 1981. After an extensive land search, he was drawn to a parcel of land high up in the mountains west of Paso Robles. Baldwin purchased the 160 acre parcel and immediately planted three of the five principal Bordeaux grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

In 1987, grapes from the estate resulted in a wine that would later become Isosceles. Today Isosceles is over 25 years old and remains the flagship wine of Justin Vineyards & Winery.

Since Justin Vineyards’ founding, Paso Robles has experienced a true renaissance and attracted dozens of world-class winemakers seeking a similar dream. Now, 35 years later, Baldwin is recognized as the pioneer of award-winning Bordeaux-style wines on California’s Central Coast.

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