Restaurateur Vanessa Auclair

    Restaurateur Vanessa Auclair
Vanessa Auclair And Chef Art Gonzalez

Curiosity, fascination, and wonder about food drives Vanessa’s hardworking spirit and passion for creating an extraordinary dining experience for her guests.

Vanessa came by her love of the world of food quite literally from her childhood in Guatemala, where her first memories are of the delicious pleasure of tasting a fresh avocado just fallen from a nearby tree, and sharing a family dinner expertly prepared and served in quaint style at a local family owned cantina. As a young girl in Guatemala, Vanessa developed a firsthand appreciation for the pride and joy that comes from freshly prepared foods and family restaurants.

Vanessa’s restaurant career began as a cashier, food server, and bartender at the famous Coyote Café and Cantina in Santa Fe, NM, working for James Beard Award winning chef, Mark Miller. There, she mastered the art of flavor profiles, wine pairing, serving etiquette, and customer service.

With a tenure in customer service that spans 15 years, Vanessa has worked in a variety of restaurants from New Mexico to California, sharpening her expertise in restaurant operations, management, and customer service, from fine dining to casual eateries, at restaurants like Noble House 5 Star Resorts and McKenna’s on the Bay.

Like Chef Gonzalez and his commitment to sustainability, Vanessa shares a passion for responsible and local sourcing.

Vanessa’s extensive experience in restaurant operations and retail business is well suited for the diverse operation of roe – casual to-go, retail fish market, signature fine dining and operations at Panxa.

A nine-year resident of Long Beach, Vanessa has close ties with the local business community.

Vanessa currently works at Panxa and Roe 8/30/17

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