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Restaurateur Mary Vasquez

Miguel's Jr Mary Vasquez

Born in Central Mexico, Mary learned how to cook by spending time in her mother’s kitchen. A home chef, Mary took years to perfect her signature tamale recipe with authentic techniques learned in her childhood home. Over forty-five years later, Miguel’s Jr. uses Mary’s time-honored recipe for tender tamales stuffed with perfectly seasoned, slow-roasted succulent California Chile or Chile Rojo Pork.

“What makes a great tamale is the dough,” said Mary Vasquez. “Miguel’s Jr. starts with the finest 100% stone-ground masa and then we enrich it. The combination of secret ingredients added to the masa creates the perfect dough that, when combined with our slow-cooked Chile Rojo Pork or California Chile, makes an unbelievably flavorful and moist tamale our guests enjoy year after year.”