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General Manager Ginevra Santopietro

Market & Retail Manger – Bottega Angelina

Born and raised in a small village on the hills of Piemonte, Italy, Ginevra has always been immersed in a vibrant food scene, furthered by her parents owning a farm. After getting her master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology while working at Eataly – the worldwide emporium of Italian cuisine – she felt that the hospitality industry was her true passion. Ginevra thus continued to blaze a trail at many of the Eataly locations throughout Europe and the United States for over a decade, holding a variety of positions in upper management, from front of house to marketing. Her main goal now at Bottega Angelina is to bring lesser known, yet authentic aspects of Italian food culture to Laguna Niguel, specifically through the “mercato” retail shop at Bottega Angelina.

source Bottega Angelina 2021-11