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Chef Victor Soto

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Grazing Biscuits & Bone Marrow – sweet butter, fresh fruit, seasonal jam 14 Crispy Chicken Skins – jalapeno jam, maldon 7 Bacon Cornbread – bacon, brown sugar butter 4 Pork Belly Plate – 4 styles of pork belly 11 Blue Crab Tostadas – coconut, crème fraiche, pomegranate, tomatillo, avocado puree 13 Chur-Bi-Nuts – creamed bacon coffee glaze, chantilly 7   Sandwiches Big Papa Burger – havarti, peppadews, red cabbage, cilantro, cajun aioli 13 BBQ Bacon Burger – cheddar, port salute, arugula, pickles, fried jalapenos & shallots 14 Grilled Cheese – sourdough, bacon, jalapeno grits, jam, cheddar, port salut 11 Pork Belly Banh Mi– baguette, pickled vegetables, cilantro, spiced garlic aioli, hot sauce 12 Breakfast Torta – pulled pork, avocado pure, sunny egg, pickled tomatillos & fresno, queso fresco 12   Brunch Popcorn, Shrimp & Grits – bacon, jalapeno, roasted popcorn grits, white fish 20 Pork & Grits – dr. pepper braised pork shank, jalapeno grits, dried bing cherries 21 Gnocchi Mac & Cheese – ricotta gnocchi, gruyere, white cheddar, bacon, cornbread crumbs 15 Carnitas Verde Chilaquiles – queso fresco, nopales, bell peppers, pickled red onions, sunny egg 16 Smothered Fried Pork Cutlet – chipotle red eye gravy, roasted grits, sunny egg 17 Oreo Pancake Balls – cream cheese frosting, ganache, chantilly 13 Thai Pancake Balls – fried pork cutlet, cilantro, shallots, jalapeno, fish sauce, maple syrup 16 Tri Tip & Egg – medium rare tri tip, red pepper coulis, potatoes, sunny egg             18 Pot Roast “Benny” – braised brisket, biscuit, hollandaise, horseradish creme fraiche, sunny egg 17   Grits side  4      entrée  12 with a sunny egg Roasted Anson Mills – Havarti, creamed and buttered Jalapeno Cheddar – white grits, roasted red fresno chilies   Classic Breakfast Bacon & Eggs – apple wood smoked bacon, eggs, biscuits, seasonal jam 10 California French Omelet – avocado coconut puree, roasted cauliflower pico, tomatillo salsa 12   Greens Smoked Salmon Lox Salad – cumin vinaigrette, pickled veg, cilantro, black garlic creme fraiche   15 Green Salad- almonds, berries, pickled red onion, oregano honey vinaigrette      small   3    large  10 Spinach Bacon Shrimp Caesar Salad – croutons, pepitas , white fish 16
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