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Chef Tom Capretz

Arroyo Trabuco Chef Capretz

Capretz, an Orange County native, has already begun adding his culinary touches to the contemporary California cuisine served on the O’Neill’s Bar & Grill menu. He’s currently working on seasonal specialties for the upcoming fall season.

Capretz has a diverse cooking background, but his specialty is Italian cuisine, which he learned by enrolling in the Apicius Culinary School in Florence, Italy, where he refined his skills and technique. His original cooking influence comes from the Cajun, and Creole cuisine served by his grandmother on trips to New Orleans in his youth. Capretz would watch her masterfully create gumbo, jambalaya, catfish etouffee, po boy sandwiches and other signature Louisiana cuisine. That experience inspired a desire in him, he says, to enjoy cuisine from all cultures.

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