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Chef Steven Delgado

Chef Steven Delgado
  • How many local products are available to your restaurants?
  • As much as possible our local vendors include Fosselman’s Ice cream and other dairies, Pontrelli & Sons Sausage, as well as Solomon’s Bakery. However we are not limited to our local seafood and produce purveyors sourcing our provisions locally. Might I mention that 17 of our 20 beer taps are indeed local/craft beers.
  • Which products from Solomon’s do you use?
  • Mainly we use a french baguette for our hoagie sandwiches and house bread. A unique cracked wheat brioche bun for our burgers as well as a mini brioche for our sliders. Also for our private parties and special events we utilize an array of brunch style pastries and cookies with all types of cakes at the individual customers demands.
  • What menu items feature the Solomon’s products?
  • Our Breakfast includes the pullman breads rye, sourdough and whole wheat for toast, also the outstanding Texas brioche for our popular French toast which all make for an excellent plate presentation and value for our guests to have a fresh and local product for even a simple breakfast combo. Also every single sandwich we serve features local items from Solomon’s
  • Why did you choose to use these local products and sources?
  • We feel that local and fresh product equals flavor, sustainability, and overall support of our community
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