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Chef Mark Piepkorn

Chef Mike Piepkorn

Executive Chef Mark Piepkorn helms the a la carte menu at Bronze Quail with the aim to highlight seasonal bounty, as well as incredible culinary technique with modern applications. Formerly chef de cuisine at Pickled Monk.

History buff, musician, and chef… Mark Piepkorn is one talented individual. Before becoming a chef, Piepkorn was on stage behind a drum set. He would work in kitchens just to pay the bills. Eventually, his love for cooking would outweigh his passion for music. After a few years working his way up from dishwasher to line cook, Mark decided to attend the International Culinary School at the Art Institute – Inland Empire. Chef Mark graduated with high honors and went on to work for places such as the Mission Inn (Riverside, CA), Root 246 (Solvang, CA), and the Black Cat Tavern (Los Angeles, CA). Chef Mark is also an expert Butcher, previously working for the Butchery (Brea, CA). Chef Mark’s knowledge for food extends past cooking proficiency, into the realm of Food Historian. Chef Mark is known to ramble on-and-on about history and the meaning and inspiration for his choice of specific ingredients in his dishes. Chef Mark believes that through his dishes he can also tell a story of inspiration and geography, love and memories. Chef Mark believes that no matter what type of food, restaurant or job, that it is always important to do the best you can with the highest of standards. His food speaks to that belief and so does his personality. A glimpse of chef Mark will most likely show you his calm and engaging demeanor with a wit and wholesome laugh that anyone caught in his presence immediately feels the caring nature of this incredible person.