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Chef Katsuji Tanabe

Katsuji Tanabe

Born and raised in Mexico City, Katsuji grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. His Japanese father and Hispanic mother have brought an eclectic influence to his culinary roots and career. Katsuji is the owner of MexiKosher restaurant, a (you guessed it) Mexican Kosher restaurant located in Los Angeles and New York City. Although Tanabe is not Jewish, he said it was his calling and stays true to the culture in his restaurant, but cooks a variety of other dishes and styles outside of the restaurant. Chef Katusji Tanabe is a two-time competitor on Bravo TV’s Top Chef and also competed in Top Chef Mexico and Chopped. In August 2017 Katsuji opened Barrio biggest Mexican restaurant in Chicago where he fuses his Japanese heritage. He is very active within the community, and works to promote well-being for adults and children alike.

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