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Chef Joshua Skenes

Chef Joshua Skenes

Acclaimed Chef Joshua Skenes conceived the much-lauded Saison in 2006 and opened its first location in 2009. He is best known for his unique methodology, innovations in fire cooking, and relentless pursuit of the very best products in existence. Skenes is the first and only American chef to garner 3-Michelin stars cooking entirely over open fire.

His awards span a broad scope, from 3-Michelin stars, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Food & Wine’s “Best New Chef”, to Elite Traveler Magazine “15 Most Influential Chefs of the Next Decade” to name a few.

Joshua Skenes was born in Jacksonville, Florida, where he grew up hunting with spears, fishing, cooking over campfires, and snacking on berries in the back woods. At age five, he started his martial arts training in Baguazhang and later traced his lineage back to Boston, New York, China, and eventually to San Francisco to the system’s last living survivor, the late master Liang Qiang Ya. Along the way Skenes took jobs in restaurants where eventually the love of the craft took over. Or he realized he had bills to pay and martial arts wasn’t going to cut it.

In 2016, Skenes created Saison Hospitality Group to further the innovations of the past decade and provide a platform for growth and opportunity for his team. In 2017, Skenes Ranch found its permanent home to serve as the laboratory for continued research and development.

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