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Chef Jordan Zucker


Since the perfect meal should not only satisfy the palate but stimulate all of the senses, it’s about time that a cookbook finally takes on that challenge. Self-taught chef Jordan Zucker, who throws unforgettable dinner parties, shares the secrets of her craft in “One Dish – Four Seasons: Food, Wine, and Sound – All Year Round.” The colorful, hardbound 208-page cookbook is the first ever to combine seasonal recipes with suggested wine pairings as well as musical selections that provide the ideal backdrop for the perfect meal.

Zucker says that her book further distinguishes itself in that she takes her readers on a culinary journey that spans the four seasons. She starts with a base food item, say a salmon, then by varying the ingredients according to what’s in season, she offers winter, spring, summer and fall versions of that dish. Next, she pairs the food with a specific wine as well as an album that conjures the sounds of that particular season (think The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” for summer and Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” for winter). The book also provides recipes for soups, snacks, desserts and even the author’s most popular cocktails.

Since she learned the art of entertaining from her parents, they play an important role in the book as does Zucker’s beloved French Bulldog, Hula. Her personality, wit and sense of humor are sprinkled throughout the book making it a fun read even for non-cooks.

“I am always being asked what the secret is to throwing the perfect dinner party, so I finally sat down and wrote ‘One Dish – Four Seasons: Food, Wine, and Sound – All Year Round,’” said Zucker. “A truly satisfying meal goes beyond beautifully prepared food to include something to stimulate all of the senses in a concerted way. I hope readers will enjoy learning some of my secrets.”

“One Dish – Four Seasons: Food, Wine, and Sound – All Year Round” is available at independent bookstores nationwide as well as on

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