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Chef Hiroo Nagahara

Chef Hiroo Nagahara

Chef Hiroo Nagahara was born and raised in Tokyo but spent most of his adult life honing his culinary career in the United States. He’s worked with some of the finest chefs and restaurateurs in the industry including Charlie Trotter. His career blossomed when he landed the executive chef position at Bar Charlie in Las Vegas. Working with Trotter’s team opened doors for Hiroo to stage with some of the world’s most talented Michelin-starred chefs including Guy Savoy (Guy Savoy), Hideki Ishikawa (Kagurazka Ishikawa) and Yoshihiro Narisawa (Narisawa).


In 2010, Nagahara moved to San Francisco and partnered with Mobi Munch to launch The Chairman, an award-winning mobile food truck that blurred the lines between fine-dining and street food. With the success of The Chairman under his belt, Hiroo went on to open Nomica, a modern Japanese restaurant serving refined rustic cuisine alongside an innovative cocktail program in the heart of the Castro District. With his latest project, Bao Hiroo, opening in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, Chef Nagahara hopes to take his fine-dining approach to food and create a fresh twist on a traditional favorite in a lively and approachable setting.


Chef Nagahara has garnered a number of accolades throughout his career including a Michelin 1 Star Award while working for Charlie Trotter in Las Vegas. While with The Chairman, his truck was named one of America’s Top 5 Asian Food Trucks in America by Details Magazine as well as Most Mouth-Watering Food Trucks by Maxim. He was also invited to compete on Iron Chef Showdown in 2017 while helming the kitchen at Nomica.

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