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Chef Hany Ali

Europa Village Chef Hany Ali

Leading the team at Bolero Restaurante as Executive Chef, Chef Hany Ali brings more than 13 years of culinary expertise to his role at Europa Village, after holding multi-faceted positions at highly regarded hotels and restaurants, including the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach, International Hotel in Hurghada, and most recently, the nearby Ponte Winery.

With a love for the Valley, a deep appreciation for each ingredient, and a thirst for unique and thoughtful wine, his passion is palpable in every plate, sip, and bite. Ali was born in Cairo, Egypt, and was raised in a coastal resort city named Hurghada. After graduating from the International Culinary Institute in Egypt, he traveled through Europe and Asia exposing his palate to as many different types of cuisines as possible to further broaden his talents as a chef and give him the experience and knowledge needed for his culinary career.

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