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Chef Alfonso Sanna

Casa Barilla Executive Chef Alfonso Sanna

Corporate Chef Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana & Bottega Angelina

Chef Alfonso grew up in the small village of Villamar in Sardegna, Italy. After receiving his culinary degree from L’Istitulo Professionale Alberghiero in Arzachena, he gained experience working with acclaimed chefs throughout Europe. Alfonso then moved to the United States in 1998, bringing his unique, authentic Italian style to Washington DC, New York City and Florida before making his way to California. Alfonso joined the Angelina’s family originally from the Barilla Group where he
developed the first Barilla Restaurant in New York City. He credits his “nonna” as his primary teacher in cultivating his passion for food and a family tradition of using the best fresh, local ingredients. Alfonso brings these skills to Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana and now Bottega Angelina.

source Bottega Angelina 2021 – 11

Chef Alfonso Sanna grew up in the small village of Villamar, in Sardegna, Italy, in the southern part of the island. Cooking came naturally to Alfonso, crediting his Nonna, preparing daily meals for the entire family, as his primary influence in cultivating his passion for food.
He maintains the family tradition by using fresh and local ingredients ranging from seafood, meats and seasonal vegetables. “Great meals start by carefully selecting what’s fresh.

Alfonso graduated with a culinary degree from L’lstituto Professionale Alberghiero in Arzachena, Sardegna. From there, he started getting his experience working with acclaimed Chefs, in various kitchen capacities at renowned restaurants in Sardegna, Parma, Rome, London and Paris. Travelling was also one of Alfonso’s passion which further contributed in broadening his experience, style and culinary skills. After cooking his way through Italy and Europe, Alfonso was asked came to the US, as an Executive Chef and put his unique style into creating delicious new dishes for restaurants in Washington DC, NYC, Florida and California, working in San Francisco, San Diego and Newport Beach.

Barilla, realizing Alfonso’s style, skills and passion for quality and freshness, took him to Parma, Italy, to work side by side with Academia Barilla Chefs and share their philosophy prior to hand him the responsibility of developing the first Barilla Restaurant in NYC.

source Barilla Restaurants