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Chef Alan Sánchez Lázaro

Chef Alan Sanchez

Originally from Mexico City, Executive Chef Alan Sanz joins the Gracias Madre family with extensive experience in crafting authentic, from-scratch Mexican cuisine. Before arriving in his current position, Sanz served as Executive Chef at Parcela CDMX, Hotel LosAmantesandPan: AM Oaxaca, among others, and has been recognized for numerous awards, including the 2018 Revelation Chef of the Year. Sanz’s leap into culinary arts was born out of a need for an expressive outlet that was not creatively stifling. In his search for creative freedom, Sanz found his passion for cooking, unknowingly spending more than 10 hours a day in the kitchen crafting unique recipes and learning new techniques. In 2013 Sanz received his culinary and pastry arts degree at the Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon completion of his degree, Sanzcontinued his education by interning in kitchens in Chile, Spain, and France, before leading various culinary programs at noteworthy destinations in Mexico. With a passion for creating deliciously innovative dishes, Sanz brings deeply rooted traditional cooking techniques to Gracias Madre’s contemporary menu, with a focus on sourcing seasonal, organic and sustainable ingredients. Outside of the kitchen, Sanz enjoys writing and playing music, and is a contributing author forGourmet de México Magazine, as well as a member of the Doce Manos Gastronomic Society.

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