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Chef Akasha Richmond

Richmond is well-known in the Los Angeles food community having spent most of her career as a self-taught chef and baker, as well as the owner of a successful catering business. As a personal chef to Michael Jackson, Richmond has established herself as a celebrated culinary talent and opened her first concept AKASHA in 2008. She places an emphasis on the importance of eating local foods utilizing health conscious cooking methods, sustainable practices, and a dedication to authentic ingredients and products that are sustainable and organic. A longstanding affinity for the cuisine of India, Richmond has traveled the world taking inspiration back to her kitchen from Southeast Asia, Bali, Australia, as well as Eastern and Western Europe. The author of Hollywood Dish: More than 150 delicious, healthy recipes from Hollywood’s chef to the stars (Avery, 2006) she has been featured in Food & Wine Magazine, and has acted as a guest editor for Vegetarian Times, and continues to consult on numerous natural food product lines while exploring new methods and practices for living a healthier life through food and cooking.

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