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Chef Adam Sobel

Chef Adam Sobel

Chef Adam Sobel on his background, move to LA and vision for Cal Mare

What is your favorite restaurant in LA?

Spago-throughout the years, they’ve always stayed relevant.

What restaurants do you look forward to trying in LA?

Rustic Canyon and Felix.

What are you most excited about for the Cal Mare opening?

It’s exciting to see my dream become a reality. The people on the Cal Mare team are pretty great, too!

What are your favorite restaurants in Italy?

I really like Restaurant Roscioli in Rome and La Madia in Sicily.

What are some of your favorite foods to cook?

Stuffed handmade pastas such as agnolotti, ravioli and tortelloni.

What do you want people to feel at Cal Mare?

Love – the kind of love that you feel on the coast of Italy – it’s a mix of energy, happiness and sexiness all at the same time.

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