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  • Cooking School - Home Cooks

The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica is best known for their highly specialized cooking courses like chocolate workshops, cheese-making, world cuisine courses and special foodie events. Located in Santa Monica Place, The Gourmandise School is best known for their highly specialized cooking courses like chocolate workshops, cheese-making, world cuisine courses and special foodie events. Offering everything from technique courses (e.g. Knife Skills, Sauces, Eggs, Beef, Chicken or Fish) to classes focused on specialty cuisine (e.g. Korean BBQ, Southern Fried Chicken Dinner), Gourmandise's courses are two to three hours - not including the four-to-ten week speciality workshops, which focus on learning processes like chocolate-bar making.

Classes are in sizes of sixteen students for a more hands-on approach, and draws in applicants from all around the world. The culinary team is led by Gourmandise's co-owner, Clémence Gossett.

Overview of the program(s):

The Gourmandise School is a recreational cooking school dedicated to developing your culinary intuition by teaching classic cooking techniques with locally sourced ingredients. You can take 3-hour technique class (Knife Skills, Sauces, Eggs, Beef, Chicken or Fish) or a specialty cuisine, such as Korean BBQ or Southern Fried Chicken Dinner. We also offer long-form workshops from Sourdough Breads to Bean to Bar chocolate making and 4 to 10-week series in baking and cooking.

How is your program unique?

Our classes are unique in that they are taught by industry professionals. All of our instructors own or work in restaurants, catering companies or as recipe developers. We source our produce from the Santa Monica Farmers Markets and meats and proteins from local operators and Santa Monica Seafood.

What types of skills are being taught?

Students learn classic knife skills and cooking techniques in every class, as well as where the dishes and ingredients they are working with are from. We weave history and science into every class.

How long is the program?

We hold two to three 3-hour classes per day. Our series courses are 3 to 4 hours long and take place once a week.

Who is your prime candidate for enrollment?

Our students come in from all over! Most of students come from the Los Angeles area, but our proximity to the beach and hotels in Santa Monica, we have students flying in from all over the world.

How do you enroll and when?

Classes can be booked online. They sell out quickly!

How many applicants do you receive? / How many spots are available?

Our classes have a maximum of 16 students in order to keep the courses hands-on. You can host up to 45 guests for a private event.

Who heads the culinary department in the school?

The culinary team at Gourmandise is led by co-owner Clémence Gossett.

What lead them to teaching instead of lead chef position in restaurant?

I [Clémence] grew up in a restaurant and operated a dessert company for five years. Teaching allows me to share what I love about crafting food every single day!

How can restaurants participate? For example, how can they help the school?

Restaurants can participate by inviting their chefs to lead farmers market tours and demonstrations. Our Follow That Chef series takes place a few Wednesdays a month and is a collaboration between the Santa Monica Farmers Market and Gourmandise. Chefs and authors lead one-hour tours of the market and walk back down to Gourmandise with the students, where they demonstrate a few dishes from their restaurant or cookbook. These events are well attended by press and bloggers.

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