Chefs Wanted: Meatless Monday


Chefs Wanted!

Do you love the plant protein trend? Growing Naturals, maker of pure plant proteins you can cook with, wants to hear what you can create with pea protein. All chefs will be included in a feature about you and your attitudes on a plant-based lifestyle at This happens every Monday in honor of Meatless Mondays.

Chefs Wanted Meatless Monday Info GraphWhat They need
They will send you a free canister of Growing Naturals pure pea protein. It will then be up to you on how incorporate it into a savory dish, baked item (or, of course, a smoothie – but that’s so boring!).

They’re looking for things that are not usual uses of protein powder, so get creative!

How do you make any meatless meal high protein?
What you get
In exchange for your recipe, they will feature you on for one week. It includes a Q&A interview, a photo, a link to your website – and, of course, your recipe.

Fill out the form by clicking on this button to be considered and let’s get started!

For more information, visit

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