Red Envelope Closed – Santa Ana – July 2019 – 1 Yr – Anniversary


Red Envelope, Chef Michael Pham’s most recent endeavor, just opened in downtown Santa Ana.

Along with partners Andy Nguyen and Hop Pham, Chef Pham sees this new restaurant as encompassing the both Vietnamese and American cultures – they’re calling it Vietnamese American Comfort Food.

“Red Envelope, is our take on evolved Vietnamese cuisine,” Chef Pham said. “It is definitely a project that challenged us to express our cultural heritage and the evolution that includes our American heritage. As a chef, I’ve committed myself to the craft and the profession, which is a never ending journey. Skill sets aside, finding my voice in this profession was truly the most rewarding. I’m honored to be able to stand by these two very driven and talented individuals, who share in the same passion, as we enter this new chapter of Vietnamese American history. I’m the kind of person that wears my heart on my sleeve and we are definitely putting our hearts out there with Red Envelope.”

Check out their stunning photos on Instagram.

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CLOSED July 2019

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