The art of in house artisinal bread baking


Bread has always been a very special thing for me. Whether itbe two softslicesof plain white pullman loafwith the crusts cut offto house the turkey sandwich my mother made me as a child, or the fine crafted artisan breads from Les Boulangerie’s in Paris.There is so much love and finesse that goes in tobaking great bread, its not just dumping ingredients in to a bowl, mix mix mix, and plop it goes in to the oven.A true artisinal baker is a craftsman, someone who really knows and understands why bread is what it is.Bread truly is a passion of love.

When we first made the decision to start baking bread in house, it did not come as an easy one.To really take the time and practice, test, develop, train, create recipes and schedules is not an easy feat, especially when already operating a three meal a day restaurant.The stress of operations quickly subsided when we pulled the trigger and started testing, seeing what we were creating

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