Summer thoughts


My favorite summer ingredients, like most chefs, are heirloom tomatoes and Harry’s Berries strawberries from Oxnard California.My favorite is a beautiful Brandywine tomato with a little sea salt and olive oil. You can really taste the difference during the hot summer months. Harry’s Berries strawberries are the best eating strawberries I have ever tasted they are so sweet and delicious.Like a peak season tomato, you don’t want to do much to them.

If I could take six months off work to stage, and didn’t have to worry about money or anything, it’s not who I would stage with, but where.I would go back to France for a month, but this time to the south, followed by Spain, because I have not been there yet and I want to go. Then Italy, because I love the simplicity of Italian food and how good it is.

Next it’s on to Asia. First Japan I heard when American chefs go to Japan they often come back crazy. Vietnam, because I love the exotic flavors and use of herbs. Finally, the Philippines so I can also see some family and learn more about the food I was raised on.Any Michelin stared restaurant or busy hole in the wall would make me happy.

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