Out and about with Teri Williams


In addition to my regular column with Great Taste, I occasionally have the pleasure of writing the feature article of the month about the Chef/Restaurant as well.I wrote the article this month about Manny Gonzalez and TAPS.You never know what you are going to get when you meet up with a chef.We have our share of pompous *bleep* *bleep* people in our industry.Manny, on the other hand, is friendly, down to earth and talkative.It is wonderful interviewing chefs like him whoare in the business for all the right reasons.He loves to cook and share his creations with those around him.

Writing is a great opportunity for me to hang out with chefs where I/we are not all working an event.This Friday I head North with Teri to meet and interview next month’s chef.Who it ismust remaina secret for now but stay tuned and you will soon find out!

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